Horseware Ireland Amigo Evolution,
Horseware Ireland Amigo Evolution,
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Brand Horseware
Manufacturer HORSEWARE

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In our development of the new Evolution Fly Sheet in Aqua/Orange, we carried out extensive research to support our use of this color combination. Most insects have what are known as 'compound eyes', which restrict their ability to see certain colors. In fact, research has shown that most insects aren't sensitive to many shades of yellow, orange and red. Most insects can, however, see Ultraviolet lights very clearly. It is the UV pigments in flowers, as opposed to the vibrant colors, that attract insects. For example, you may notice that flies are attracted to certain colors, such as your brightly colored jacket or car, but the chances are that this object is reflecting light in a way that is attractive to these insects. We used this research in the development of the Evolution Fly Sheet by choosing colors containing no UV pigments and that are known to be difficult for insects to identify. The pattern we use breaks up the shape of the horse, so insects struggle to identify it as a target and can't figure out where to land, essentially camouflaging the horse against a wide range of pesky flies and bugs.
Binding Misc.
Brand Horseware
Color *
Department womens
Feature Aqua and Orange colors repel insects,Disc front closure,Integrated neck cover (not removable),Silky shoulder, mane, and tail lining,Front and rear leg arches
Manufacturer HORSEWARE
ProductGroup Sports
Title Horseware Ireland Amigo Evolution,

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